Ciad Mile Fàilte

We are a men's association in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We celebrate the life and works of Robert Burns and promote Scottish heritage.


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Our organization is based on the Tarbolton Bachelors' Club founded by Burns. Like the original club, we seek to be “a diversion for the weary man worn down by necessary labours of life”.


We have a choir which is welcomed at numerous venues in town. Our members perform other work for good causes. Our Burns Supper is the highlight of our social year. It is highly regarded for its good times and top speakers.








Congratulations to the incoming President of the Halifax Burns Club Gordon Fader and his new executive. At its Annual General Meeting September 3rd the club also paid homage to Past President Donny MacKenzie for a job well done in a challenging year.




The next HBC meeting will be Thursday October 1st. It will be held on Zoom. Coordinates will be sent to members.


How did HBC members spend the COVID-19 lockdown?