Closing Remarks


Well gentlemen!   What a treat…I did not lie to you, we have just come to the end of a splendid evening, an evening that went all too fast!


This life, sae far's I understand
Is a' enchanted fairy-land,
Where pleasure is the magic wand,
That, wielded right,
Maks hours like minutes, hand in hand,
Dance by fu' light.


And so it has past, hours like minutes, all good things come to and end! 


I would like to thank all the performers….too many to name; the hotel and the service was excellent indeed! The committee who put this all together I’m sure you’ll agree did a great job.

Thanks to Tom Birchell of the Scots for his thanks on behalf of the guests.


Bill Hewitt, what can I say…truly magic, inspirational and a scholar of all things Burns.  We’re so pleased you could make it to our Burns Supper here in New Scotland, all the way from our old home in Bonnie Scotland.


To you our guests, I extend an open invitation to next years Burns Supper, our 10th anniversary…..should make for a very special event.  And I would like to invite you to visit our club and become a member of this fraternity of Burnsians.


This year will be especially busy as we are hosting the North American conference right here in Halifax.  Our committee will have been working hard on this for over a year by the time the conference begins in late June.


On a final note: Please be careful on you way home tonight and please don’t drink and drive. Be kind to your fellow man, always look for the good in people and offer a helping hand when ever you can.  Like Burns, be a lover not a fighter and the world will be a better place!

Good night to all….see you next year.







This speech was written and delivered by Bill Hughes at the Burns Supper in 2006.