Dr. Iain Nicolson Findlay

Dr. Iain Nicolson FindlayDr. I.N. Findlay

“O, wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as others see us!
It wad frae monie a blunder free us,
An' foolish notion.”

(though had the Bard had to worry  about social media he might not have been so curious)


I was born Renfrew Scotland, seat of the Stuarts on the first of May 1954. It was an inauspicious day, no one rubbed my face in the dew, my father preferred to go to the Scottish Cup semifinal against Aberdeen and to cap it all Rangers lost 6 nil. Despite this poor start I managed to educate myself at the John Neilson Institution Paisley and Dundee University where I qualified in medicine in 1978.

My first Burns supper was a formative one not to say an eye opener. At the age of 18 I attended Lodge Prince of Wales 426 as the guest of my father. I think I enjoyed myself though my memory is hazy. In the chair was Andrew Tannahill a direct descendent of Robert Tannahill the Paisley Poet and founder and first secretary of the Paisley Burns Club, the oldest constituted Burns Club in the world, of which I was later to be President in 2012.

At that first Burns Supper the readings were given by John Beattie and it was he who persuaded me to eventually take over from him doing the Haggis, Holy Wullie and Tam. The Cotter’s Saturday night remains an ambition. It was at the same Burns Supper on the 25th of January 1992 that my mother interrupted the proceedings to inform the company of the imminent birth of my son and removed me forthwith to my father’s puzzlement.  Despite my enthusiastic pleading I was not allowed to call him Robert Burns Findlay. I wasn’t brave enough to register him thus and will forever live with the knowledge of who wears the trousers in our house. Still my wife blessed me with 5 children for which I am eternally grateful and skint.

I have recently retired from my post as Consultant Cardiologist Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Health Board. I was the Lead Specialist for the West of Scotland Inherited Cardiac Conditions Service where I developed an interest in cardiac conditions affecting athletes. I remain as the cardiology advisor to the Scottish Football Association’s Hampden Park Sports Clinic. I am a Past President of the Scottish Cardiac Society and am the immediate Vice President - Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

I have spoken at Burn’s Suppers all my life and was asked to join as the 37th Member of the Guild of Robert Burns Speakers, a group dedicated to the promotion of Robert Burns and have it to thank for the honour of speaking to you tonight.

I am a Deputy Lieutenant of Renfrewshire and a lifelong Glasgow Rangers supporter, which has been a great burden in recent years and one hopefully to be lifted in the not too distant future.




Dr. Iain Nicolson Findlay is the featured speaker at our 2020 Burns Supper, slated for January 25th at the Hotel Halifax. We asked Dr. Findlay for a few words about himself.