Duncan and Melissa are at their Lawrencetown area home.Watching the sky over the Atlantic.A spectacular sunsetJohn has been baking up  a storm despite the yeast shortage. Here he shows off some Maritime molasses oatmeal brown bread.Dick is building a backyard greenhouse. The instruction booklet is 86 pages!Gordon has been catching up on his reading. RB would be proud!Brent thinks Dana is really happy about it just being the two of them in the house together for these past couple of weeks. Their  relationship has never been so good!Dougald has  felled around twenty trees mostly for fire wood. Marijke captured this one a few days ago where Dougald was trimming a recently knocked down birch.Pat and TerryI have played over 60 crokinole games in the last three weeks.  Here Terry is focused on making the most of his final shot.  This Canadian-invented game became vital to the fabric of Canadian culture in the mid to late 1800’s.Donny got busy with renovations and painted everything but the cat!Stewart and Cathy celebrated Beltane by doing a Burns poem reading on Zoom with some friendsClive tries out some new PPE. Can you EVER have too much tartan?