Friday evening at the statueHappy 260th birthday Robbie Burns!Donny, Bill and Alan in the Bluenose Room SaturdayFred, Bill, Bill and AdamFred, Alan and friendAndrew and DavidPatrick, Phil and BrentDavid and JohnTom and friendsStewart and AngusGetting ready for the club photoIs my kilt on straight?Herding 44 catsDick does a recital of "Parnassus Hill"Ross and CliveBill and Adam (2)John and DuncanInnis and StewartAlan does his soloBill, Angus and BillA rousing chorusFred lets it rip!A septet by the endIan piping in the guestsRoss and RichardStephenInnis at the pipesPatrick leads the head table processionThe whiskyA fine balancing actThe view from the daisEmcee David sets the stage and holds it all togetherAn appreciative audienceDavid welcomes the guestsScott delivers the haggis!Bill recites "... an cut you up wi ready slight, Trenching your gushing entrails bright"Haggis afficionadoMichael delivers the "Toast to Absent Friends" and the Selkirk GraceJim recites "Rob Mossgiel"Ed's inspiring "Immortal Memory"The merry multitudeClive gives "The Toast to the GuestsJohn does the "Toast to the Lassies"Terry and AngusPaulJack, Bill and BrianFred, Tom and DonnyIan (2)Angus interprets "The Fornicator"The Awfiest ChoirA spirited renditionPaul's "Toast to the Queen"A final thanks from DavidHappy farewellsBobA gate crasherPhotography by Stewart Cameron and Thomas Phalen