John D. starts the tour off. A torpedo "coffin" sits on the dock with the Windsor in the background.Watch that first step!Chris N., Ross, Stewart, Michael and John L. in the Control Room.Patrick and PhilStewart at the Search PeriscopeFred at the Captain's ChairJohn L.makes himself at home.John D. and Gordon in the Master Control Room.Godon, Michael and Chris N. listen attentively.Terry checks out the Locator BeaconsRoss in the Engine Room.The Torpedo Room4 of the 6 tubes for the Mark 48 Torpedoes.Bill, Terry and Gordon happy to be back outside.John L. near the Main Access HatchMichael and Gordon contemplate joining the elite submariner community.Thanks to John Dunn and Stephen Fyfe for the tour. Photos by Fred Leafloor and Stewart Cameron