The Star of Rabbie Burns



There is a star whose beaming ray
Is shed on every clime
It shines by night, it shines by day,
And ne'er grows dim wi' time.

It rose upon the banks o' Ayr,
It shone on Doons clear stream
A hundred years are gane and mair,
Yet brighter grows its beam.


Let kings and courtiers rise and fall,
This world has many turns,
But brightly beams, abin them all,
The star of Robbie Burns.


Tho' he was but a plooman lad,
And wore the hodden grey
Auld Scotia's dearest bard was bred
Aneath a roof o' strae;

To pluck the strings o' Scotia's lyre
It needs no classic lore
But mither wit and native fire
They make the bosom grow.


Repeat Chorus







This song was written by British Engineer James Thompson (1827-1888). It is typically sung at Burns Suppers and meetings of Burns Clubs. It remains one of the few songs not written by Burns himself performed at these occasions.