Toast to the Queen


Gentlemen, before I ask you to make a toast, you should know that Queen Elizabeth, the second, has now reached two extraordinary achievements.


Firstly, Queen Elizabeth, at almost 82 years of age, is now the oldest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom.


As Queen for almost 56 years, the fifth longest reigning monarch, she has only 7 more years to exceed the 63 year reign of our longest reigning monarch, Queen Victoria.


The Queen and Canada share a special relationship that has lasted many years. Our nation has been and will continue to be enriched by her presence and support. In honour of our armed forces, and during a recent 90th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge in France, the Queen spoke eloquently of the gallantry of all Canadians.


Gentlemen, charge your glasses, and ‘to your feet’.


Please join me in a toast to the Queen and Canada.


“To the Queen and Canada”






This speech was written and delivered by Dave Graham at a Burns Supper.