Gathering at Berwick HeightsJohn lays down the plan for the dayRules clear everybody?It started out mistyDavid in the morning dewTop formMick on the tee boxShowing some styleAlan goes for itChris goes for the green as the skies clearSunny at the 18th holeFred, Donny, Patrick, DanielProper footwear was a must!The reckoningDuncan's form is flawlessPerfect chip!Allan tries the same ...What happened there?Duncan's father-in-law shows how it's doneAlan, Mick and DuncanThis should be an easy putt ...WhoopsThomas wins for best outfit by a non-kilted golferThe last team inThomas, Chris, David and guestAdam, Richard, Brandon and LawrenceFilthy McNasty guards the prizesThe feast at the 19th holeJohn hands out the awardsNice jacket, Duncan!A bottle of amber dew for you!